Make your wedding even more unforgettable by adding our alpacas to your guest list. Bringing extra smiles, memories and lots of funny photos.

We offer three set packages, but we can also create a custom experience if you have any special requirements. We work closely with you to help you plan the perfect day and will arrive at your venue at your preferred time.

Get in touch to discuss option extras including:

Alpaca themed gifts for your wedding party.
Alpaca ring bearers for the ceremony.

2 Alpacas meet wedding guests
2 Hours of fun, photos & petting.

We will lead our alpacas around your guests, allowing them to say hello and enjoy a pet.
After this we can setup an area ready for you and your guests to take photos with the alpacas and capture the special moment.



Making your day extra special

4 Alpacas meeting your wedding guests
3 Hours of fun and photos
Alpaca petting pen area
Alpaca feeding for your guests
Match your colour scheme

Our petting pen will be setup ready to greet your guests as they arrive. Where they can pet and photograph the alpacas.

We can remain at your venue for your drinks reception, two alpacas will stay in the petting pen and our handler will lead the others to mingle with your guests.



Let the alpacas play a bigger part of your wedding celebrations, with our premium package.

4 Alpacas to meet your wedding guests
4 Hours of fun and photos
2 Handlers helping out
Alpacas petting pen area
Alpaca feeding for your guests
Match your colour scheme.
Bride and Groom alpaca walking experience.

One handler manages the petting pen and supplies alpaca feed to your wedding guests, here they can hand feed, pet & get photos with our alpacas.

Second handler to with go with the Bride and Groom for an alpaca walking experience, allowing you to take a moment for yourselves and get some great photos & enjoy a walk with our alpacas.



Full mobile farm experience, lots of fun for all your guests & of course the Bride & Groom4 alpacas, bunny rabbits, miniature Pygmy goats & lambs.

5 hours of fun and photos
Enter all our animals pens
Alpaca feeding for all your guests
Match your colour scheme
Bride & Groom walking experience

Two handlers to mange the petting pen area to allow all your guests to get enter all our animals pen to hand feed & handle our friendly animals.

Another handle will go with the bride & groom for an alpaca walk experience. Enjoy some great photos with our alpacas & of course enjoy a cuddle.