Learning Disabilities On-Site visits

On-site Visits

Our sessions are Mondays and Wednesday 9:30am – 2:30pm we are based on 14.5 acres of land with various animals, individuals will join in with our day to day activities with our animals gaining new skills for their own development and future employment. With this we offer AQA awards onsite to help further their knowledge for employment.

These are the main areas of work people we support can get involved in here at the farm achieving AQA awards along their journey :
* Animal Care
* Horticultural
* Farm Maintenance
* woodland crafts
* Arts & Crafts


• Reduce stress
• ⁠Encourage exercise
• ⁠Improve social skills
• ⁠Reduce depression
• ⁠Decreases difficult behaviour
• ⁠Helps with anxiety
• ⁠Teaches us compassion and kindness
• ⁠Improves self esteem
• ⁠Reduces loneliness
• ⁠Reduces levels of anxiety for those with autism