Regan Groom, East Ferry Road,Laughton, DN21-3QE

Alpacas & Friends CIC

We are a small family run farm that was set up with the ambition of helping people with different needs or difficulties through animal interaction. It is proven that animals can reduce stress, anxiety & depression, ease loneliness, encourage exercise & playfulness. Caring for animals can help children grow up more secure & active.

We currently have alpacas, rabbits, micro pigs, Shetland ponies, sheeps, goats & dogs.

All the animals are doing incredibly well, they are used to human contact and really love a big cuddle, they really are very much loved animals.

Our aim is to breed our animals to have a big family herd all brought up around a good natured environment.

We have been training our animals from a young age, which they currently love, they really are a humans best friend.


Our animal trainers

Gemma Parkinson, Dean Parkinson & Emelia Parkinson